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10 reasons to enjoy your cuppa today!

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10 reasons to enjoy your cuppa today!

Here’s ten reasons to enjoy your cuppa today, we couldn’t believe number 7!

1. It helps you look young

Tea contains anti-oxidants that help protect the body from the effects of pollution and


2. It’s good for your heart

Tea can help reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks, it helps clean the arteries in

the same fashion as a drain keeping your bathroom pipes clear. It has been clinically

proven that tea drinkers of 2-3 cups per day are 70% less likely to suffer a heart attack!

3. It’s got less caffeine than coffee

Tea actually contains less caffeine than coffee and it’s not a small difference either – tea

contains a quarter of caffeine than coffee does. Caffeine is really bad for you!! It causes

headaches, indigestion, twitches and an increased heart rate.

4. It helps you have good strong teeth

Drinking tea is surprisingly good for your teeth!. It contains fluoride and tannins which

help keep plaque away. This is of course only unsweetened tea, but still the fact that tea

is good for your gnashers is amazing!

5. It’s good for your bones

And the longer you drink it – the stronger they get! People that have been drinking tea

for over ten years have been proven to have stronger bone structures than people that

don’t. This means that not only does the milk used in tea strengthen the bones, but the

actual tea itself does too!

6. It keeps you hydrated

Although caffeine itself can make you want to pee more, tea itself is great for hydration

and providing you don’t drink more than six cups per day, it is a great way to keep

hydrated. And what better way to stay hydrated than by having a nice cup of tea?

7. It helps you lose weight

OK so the milk contains calories BUT tea itself contains zero. So providing you don’t

overdo it with the mild or add sugar to your tea, it is a perfect drink to have if you are

trying to lose weight.

8. Tea fights cancer

The antioxidants in tea help your body fight off cancer!. While clinical studies are still

ongoing in this area, there is much evidence to suggest that this is in fact true and if you

are a regular tea drinker, you reduce your risk of getting cancer.

9. It helps your immune system

Recent research has proved that drinking tea helps your immune system. 21 volunteers

recently spent four weeks drinking a split of tea and coffee (half drank tea, half drank

coffee). The research concluded that the tea drinkers had the higher immune activity in

the blood.

10. It can improve your love life

Tea has been found to be a natural aphrodisiac, people that drink tea generally enjoy

more sex per week than non tea drinkers.



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