22 Unforgettable Reasons To Love Our Queen

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1.) Understand one thing about our queen, she is the longest reigning uk monarch in history! On the throne for 63 years and nearly 300 days. She has outlasted Victoria and any other Monarch that has preceded her. Quite an Achievement!



2.) Prime ministers have come and gone in her majesties reign but she has remained a true consistency. Her Majesty has given regular Tuesday evening audiences to many British Prime Ministers. They are: Winston Churchill 1951-55, Sir Anthony Eden 1955-57, Harold Macmillan 1957-63, Sir Alec Douglas-Home 1963-64, Harold Wilson 1964-70 and 1974-76, Edward Heath 1970-74, James Callaghan 1976-79, Margaret Thatcher 1979-90, John Major 1990-97, Tony Blair 1997-2007, 2007-10 and David Cameron 2010-Presnt day.


3.) The queen has a good sense of humour! Don’t let that stiff upper lip fool you! Don’t you remember the Olympics back in 2012? When she “parachuted” into the Olympic Stadium. A sign that Her Majesty is not as cooped up and humourless as we might think!


4.) Her majesty the queen is patron of more than 620 charities and organisations.

5.) Elizabeth II has conferred over 387,700 honours and awards!


6.) Renowned to be one of the most generous and thoughtful monarchs The Queen has given out about 78,000 Christmas puddings to staff. In addition, The Queen gives all her staff a gift at Christmas time.

7.) A patron of more than 620 charities and organisations. Very Generous indeed!

8.) A well known Corgi lover , The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign, starting with Susan who was a present for her 18th birthday in 1944. A good proportion of these have been direct descendants from Susan. The Queen currently has five corgis, Emma, Linnet, Monty, Holly and Willow.


9.) Les Miserables is one of the Queen’s favourite musicals thus she inquired if the cast could perform for French President Jacques Chirac at Windsor Castle. It was the first time the cast of a West End musical had performed at a Royal residence.
10.) Loving British culture and everything about it. The Queen has visited the sets of a number of popular British soap operas including Coronation Street, East Enders and Emmerdale.


11.) Her majesty has laid her wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday every year of her reign, except in 1959, 1961, 1963, 1968, 1983 and 1999 when she was either pregnant or overseas on an official visit.


12.) Aside from one incident in 1955 she has taken the salute in every Trooping the Colour ceremony since the start of her reign,

13.) In 1998, The Queen introduced “theme days” to promote and celebrate aspects of British culture. The first theme day was “City Day” focusing on financial institutions. Other themes have included Publishing, Broadcasting, Tourism, Emergency Services, Maritime Day, Music, Young Achievers, British Design, and Pioneers.
14.) Launching more than 23 ships in her lifetime. The Queen has done a lot for British Maritime and The Royal Navy. The first was HMS Vanguard which she launched, as Princess Elizabeth, on November 30 1944 in Clydebank. The first ship which she launched as Queen was Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia.


15.) During her reign The Queen has received many unusual gifts including a variety of live animals. The more unusual animals have been placed in the care of the London zoo, among them jaguars and sloths from Brazil, and two black beavers from Canada. The Queen has also received gifts of pineapples, eggs, a box of snail shells, a grove of maple trees and 7kg of prawns.
16.) Along with her husband The Duke of Edinburgh they have sent about 37,500 Christmas cards during her reign. Showing her “common touch” approach to Royal appointment.
17.) Very often she will host small, informal luncheon parties at Buckingham Palace to meet distinguished people from all professions, trades and vocations. The first lunch was held on 11th May 1956 and the tradition continues to this day. There are usually 6-8 guests and two members of the Household attending.
18.) In 1976 The Queen sent her first email from an army base. Now she is the proud owner of a Mobile Phone, an email address and an IPod!



19.) During her reign The Queen has sent more than 280,000 telegrams to couples in the UK and the Commonwealth celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

20.) Children are now welcome Into Buckingham Palace Gardens Opening the first “children’s trail” in summer 2005, for the Summer Opening.
21.) Known to be a keen photographer and enjoyer of taking photographs of her family and friends. The queen is known to have some artistic flair!
22.) Every year The Queen sends Christmas trees to Westminster Abbey, Wellington Barracks, St Paul’s Cathedral, St Giles, Edinburgh, The Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, Crathie Church and local schools and churches in the Sandringham area.