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Heroes in WW2 now united as NEIGHBOURS. Wonderful story

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Heroes in WW2 now united as NEIGHBOURS. Wonderful story

Heroic neighbours discover that they took part in the same Second World War mission. Inspiring story.

The two war veterans

George Rhodes and Graham Brown

George Rhodes, aged 99, and Graham Brown aged 93 both live in the same block of flats. They have only just found out that they fought together in an Allied mission. .By chance the pair of hero’es  discovered that they were involved in the same operation over Graz in Austria, 1945.

Mr Brown aged 93 was part of the Royal Air Force that dropped bombs on the city to clear the way for British troops.

Meanwhile Mr Rhodes aged 99, and his fellow soldiers took advantage of the clear path to stake claim and navigate down the railway yard.

Seventy years later both men have ended reunited in Wells, Somerset.

A group of men in World War Two

George Rhodes pictured during WW2

Mr Rhodes said: “Graham and his boys did a good job. The place was ruined. All the rails had been bombed so much that they were all curled up.”No train was going to run on those again and the bombs meant that we could enter.”


George Rhodes in his military gear

George Rhodes during WW2

Mr Rhodes added: “Graham is a great bloke and we talk about the war, thank heavens he and his aircrew were around to support us at that time.”



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