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5 reasons to play The Football Pools instead of the National Lottery

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What did everyone play before the National Lottery was born? Yes that’s right the Football Pools. Do you remember spending a Saturday afternoon listening to the final scores coming in and your Dad or Grandad rejoicing or cursing the last minute winners? That’s the magic of the pools.

So, where has the Football Pools been?

We’ve not actually been anywhere, we’ve still been going with our loyal base of customers. You can now play The Football Pools online and unlike the Lottery, it’s still just £1 to play. We create thousands of winners every season, and have hundered of thousands of players each week.

You never know, next week you might join our list of lucky winners.

5 Reasons to Play

£3 MILLION TOP PRIZE!! And you get your prize automatically. The Football Pools will automatically notify you if you win and pay you the prize straight away. No need to worry about losing tickets or not checking them in time.

It’s only £1 to play: the National Lottery increased their price to £2 a game last year, but the Football Pools is still just £1 to play,
Your first 4 games are FREE! Even better than being half price, we even give you your first four games on the house. (Full terms and conditions are availabile here).

It’s more fun! If you’re bored of just picking your numbers and waiting for a lottery ball to drop in a machine, why not try picking football fixtures instead? Even if you know nothing about football, you can pick a lucky dip and still join in with Saturday afternoon’s entertainment!

You can get 2 wrong and still win the top prize! With the Football Pools, you get to pick 10 numbers, but only your best 8 scores count, so if there’s a couple of upsets, you could still win!

How to Play?
Picking score draws is the name of the game. From the 49 pre-selected football matches, players select 10, 11 or 12 matches, and if 8 are correct then you’re in with a chance of winning.
Points are awarded for each result, with a score draw worth 3 points, a goalless draw netting you 2 points and a home or away win offers 1 point. All the points are added up after the last game ends on the coupon and the players with the best score win.


Click here to play The Football Pools today and enjoy 4 free games.



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