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Army of Angels. Supporting our British heroes

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Army of Angels strive to support any former member of the British Armed Forces with Information and advice, Care and Support that is personally tailored for the individual

Army of Angels – Tailored help and support for all the UK’s hero’s and their families.

“We are committed to helping our heroes, and making a real difference in their lives.”

Over 5000 individuals have been killed or injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our work does not stop with these Two conflicts. We are completely independent from other Military Charities and operate on an individual basis. We help these people by making their lives easier in any way possible.

The Army of Angels UK Forces Charity provides direct and indirect support to serving and veterans in the British Armed Forces who have been injured mentally or physically while serving in conflicts, including veterans of the wars in Europe, the Far East, the Falklands and the Gulf. We also support their families and co-dependents.

 “We wish to help any UK soldier who has been injured in any UK conflict, if they require it either now or in the future.” 

Stephen Valentine (Founder)


They recognise how brave our troops have been and the suffering many endure once their service comes to an end. At Army of Angels we treat everyone as an individual, if you need their help, they strive to support troops through Information and Advice, Care or assistance. They want to show our troops that we are thankful for the support they gave to our country and we recognise that a little help from us can make a huge difference to their quality of life.


Army of Angels




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