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Best English Universities for Wild Nights Out

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With the new semesters starting throughout the country, students are returning to a life of classes, essays and plenty of studying. Well, it will be soon enough. As any former student can testify, the initial weeks of a new school year are spent bedding into your new environment, meeting new people and hitting the pubs and clubs too for a cheap night out.

Whether you are in your first year or final, going to university has its fair share of wild nights out on the town. Not every English university is home to a great nightlife unfortunately, although students will always do their best with what little they have.


That begs the question, what universities have the best nightlife available for students this year?

University of Manchester

Not only one of the top education institutes England, the University of Manchester also has one of the most vibrant nightlife’s for students. There are many great venues in the city that are ideal for students with little cash (which is pretty much every student) like the popular club Sakuara.

Manchester itself is home to endless selections of bars and clubs, so even if you don’t want to go to the same old student hangouts, you have plenty of options elsewhere.

The university itself recommends venues such as the Soup Kitchen for catching local bands, and considering the high profile venues such as Albert Hall, students will be able to catch their fair share of musicians touring the country.


Newcastle University

Northern cities and their universities have long been associated with having amazing nightlife that is perfect for those wild and crazy evenings that so many students enjoy. There are plenty of amazing clubs in the city itself, such as Shindig, Florita’s and Digital.

There are host of other bars, clubs and pubs throughout the city, many of which are perfect for students – yet all guarantee a pretty wild night out!

University of Liverpool

Being in the heart of Liverpool was bound to provide a great few spots for students to enjoy a night out in. Many bars and clubs can be found, with popular venues such as Mello Mello and The Krazy House notable standouts. Garlands has a reputation for its crazy nights, and is also a very diverse location with a strong gay following.

Comedy clubs and music venues also have a strong presence in Liverpool and are perfect spots for students to start their nights. District and The Arts Club are notable favourites for gigs, yet hitting areas such as The Albert Docks offers plenty of different pubs and bars to be enjoyed.

University College London

While the prices and rates for many locations in London will make skint students eyes water, there are a great range of affordable spots for students; all you need is a little bit of research!

The University of College London happens to be situated nearby to Soho and Camden, resulting in a fantastic selection of clubs and bars. Further afield, London is brimming with a diverse nightlife so students can be sure to find an epic selection of spots to hit for a crazy night.

Student nights are regularly held across the city thanks to the high number of colleges and universities. Pub crawls, live music and general nightlife can be found close by to the university as well as further into the city.  There truly are endless options at the disposal of students seeking out an amazing night on the town.



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