BREAKING NEWS: Germany vs Netherlands Game Cancelled Due To ‘Bomb Threat’

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  • 19:12 Stadium in Hannover Evacuated
  • 19:16 “There was a concreate plan for something to explode” Chief Police Officer Volker Kluwe to German local TV
  • 19:33 According to  “Ambulance pack with explosives found outside arena”
  • 19:43 Sky Sport News Germany are now reporting that there is an immediate threat and the terror warning has been extended to all of Hannover.
  • 20:29 The main train station in Hannover evacuated
  • 20:58 Local interiror minister Boris Pistorius added: “We cannot confirm yet that there were explosives in any ambulance.”
  • 21.04 No explosives were found at the Hanover stadium and no arrests have been made, a German official says.
  • TUI-Arena is evacuated
  • Images of a man being arrested at gunpoint outside the HDI Arena in Hanover surface online



Earlier this evening, the friendly game between Germany and the Netherlands was called off at the 11th hour. Fans were evacuated from the stadium around ninety minutes before kick off as police confirmed that there had been a bomb threat near the HDI-Arena where a ‘suspicious suitcase’ was found

Numerous media sources reported that there was an “ambulance packed with explosives parked outside the arena” A special police task force and anti-terrorism units attended the stadium.



Hanover Police President Volker Kluwe reported in German media to have said: “There was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium.”

We can now confirm that no explosives were found at the Hannover Stadium.

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German Minister of Interior Thomas de Meizere has told a press conference that authorities regularly receive information about threats against Germany.

He said: “We have to analyse them, and need to judge them properly and fast. Ahead of this match we got more information that made us make the decision to cancel the game”

According to German news sources, the TUI-Arena, in Hannover, is now being evacuated.

Newspaper ‘Bild’ reports that German pop group The Söhne Mannheims were due to play there tonight.

Police chief Volker Kluwe has encouraged people in Hannover to go home, stay away from stadiums and not move about in large groups.


German Minister of Interior Thomas de Meizere has since refused answer questions about the terror attack.

He said: “Some of these answers would unsettle the population.”


This situation is unfolding by the minute, please stay with us for updates.