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BREXIT? EU in or out?

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has resumed talks at the EU summit saying there had been “some progress” overnight but “there’s still no deal”.

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An EU source spoke of five key areas where agreement had not been reached:

  • How the EU’s binding treaties will be altered to make the changes
  • How many member states can trigger an “emergency brake” on migrant welfare
  • For how long a member state can impose restrictions on in-work benefits for migrants
  • Whether child benefit curbs can be applied retrospectively
  • Changing treaties to alter the principle of “ever-closer” union

Mr Cameron was negotiating until 05:30 GMT and is now holding one-to-one meetings with EU leaders.

He aims to get a deal by the end of the two day summit later on Friday so that he can push ahead with plans for a referendum in June.

“Leaving Brexit is a really bad idea for British business. Even small businesses like myself will be affected by trade deals with the EU. Even though I am a small local company supplying aerial installation in Manchester, my materials some way or another come from afar, this is going to have a knock-on effect in regards to cost, and I am going to have to pass this price hike on to my customers to sustain themselves. I worry what this will mean in the long term for the UK.” – Dave, Diamond Aerials Manchester. – Manchester aerial installation small business owner. 

The Prime Minister failed to reach a deal with 27 other member states in red-eyed talks that lasted until gone 4am. Today’s breakfast became brunch; brunch morphed into lunch.

At the last update talks were set to resume at 12.30pm UK time and finish at about 4pm. But it could go on all night or into the weekend.



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