British & ‘EU’ troops to be sent to France following Nato defence pact
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‘EU’ troops to be sent to France

The EU has welcomed Britain to send troops and other specialists to France after an emergency mechanism (strategy) was raised for the first time in the bloc’s history.

France have activated Article 42, a distress call that summons other EU states to send military and armed support. It is akin to Article 5, the Nato mutual defence pact.

This comes after the horrific scenes from the Paris attack, sending Europe into ‘high alert’.

A total of 23 people have been arrested and dozens of weapons seized in a series of raids on suspected Islamist militants across France, officials say.


Matthew Holehouse in Brussels ;

“France is requesting aid and assistance to the rest of Europe, and the whole of Europe has answered yes,” said Federica Mogherini, the EU’s High Representative, after a meeting with the 28 nations’ defence ministers.

“The EU has unanimously expressed its strongest full support and assistance.”

States have already pledged support, which could be military or civil. France will specify the support it needs to each state in the coming days.

“France has been attacked, so the whole of Europe has been attacked,” said Ms Mogherini. “Europe is the framework for our solidarity.”