E-Sports, What is it?

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E-Sport is essentially competitive gaming. Just like real sport, people play sport for fun, but now its become such a huge market official competitions and events have been happening for years. These events go by the name of “E-Sport” events.

It’s not all geeky kids now either, the next Major “esports” event takes place on the 16th-18th October 2015 and it features teams playing for more than $500,000 of prize money.

Reach & popularity

E gaming is on the rise, and media platforms such as making it easier and more accessible for would be gaming professionals and people who generally have an interest to watch matches live.

There are over 70 million people spectating eSports worldwide, which doubled between 2013 and  2014 and is continuing to grow.

To put this into perspective, and relevance


MLG stands for Major League Gaming. They organise tournaments. it has 9 million registered users globally. Its youtube channel generates 3.5 Billion views/month.


Football vs TV: Gaming final, 2014 draws 32million viewers in total, peaking at 8.5 million viewers = the game in question was “League Of Legends” and the team playing were sponsored by “SK Telecoms” – a chinese Telecoms provider.

In comparison:

Game Of Thrones Series Finale watched by 2 million

Italy vs England watched by 15million.


As of 2015, the average age of a “gamer” in this respect is around 31 years old in the UK. Up to 35 in Europe.


Prize Money

The prize money in games tops out at around £7million You can see the results of a recently played one here

However a lot of game communities, either do not have much prize money, or don’t have any at all. You will find huge tournaments where the prize pool is only around 100-500, because it is a widely under sponsored and under recognised platform for advertising.




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