Elderly couple call 999, as loneliness was too much. Heartbreaking story.

credit ITV
Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Here is a story that depicts the reality of loneliness, especially around the festive period. In heart breaking fashion, a devoted couple aged 95 call 999 as the sense of solitude was just too much.

PC Stu Ockwell and his colleague went round to Mr and Mrs Thomson’s house in Middleton, Greater Manchester, as he was concerned for their welfare when the elderly lady rang 999.

He told The Telegraph:

What we found was a lovely elderly couple who were caring for each other, probably finding it a bit difficult to care for each other with their ailments and their age, and that were in need of a bit of company if anything.

We spent half an hour with them, put on the kettle whilst Fred told us the stories of when he was in the war. He’s an amazing character and had us in fits of laughter and to me it made my day.

The Telegraph reported Mrs Thomson is in fairly bad health, and also cares for Mr Thomson, who’s going blind.


Mr Thomson said;

“It was a nice change to have somebody to talk to, somebody different to talk to”. Adding. “The police are very civil sort of people anyway as you would expect. I was very pleased to know there was help available and pleased to talk to them, because sometimes you can be a bit isolated as you get older, but they made me feel at home.”


Mr And Mrs Thomson – Credit: ITV

PC Ockwell said:

If you get a call from a 95-year-old couple who are in need, whether it is a physical need or an emotional one, you respond to it.

PC Ockwell went on to say Mr Thomson and his wife had ‘good support from neighbors and children, who visit every other day’, but that things are getting difficult for them, adding: “What was clear is that, although it is hard, they just want to look after each other. Sometimes people struggle, especially at this time of year. The help is there, we just went to comfort them.”

This, like many stories unpublished highlight the importance of a simple hello in the morning to a neighbor, or a courteous check to make sure all is well. Spend that ten minutes a week having a brew and a chat, help make a difference.


A fantastic charity that helps many people in the same position is The silver line . Volunteers are on hand to let the elderly know, that someone is here to listen.

Let’s share this around and raise awareness.