First group of Syrian refugees land in Britain TODAY

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THE first charter flight carrying a group of Syrian refugees who will try to rebuild their lives in Britain has landed in the UK today.


100 refugees, consisting mainly of families, escaping War, are the first in a total of 20,000 Syrians who the government committed to house until 2020. 

The Syrians arriving today are expected to be resettled by local authorities across Scotland. They come mainly from refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan after fleeing war in their homeland.

More Syrians are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

David Cameron today said 1,000 refugees would be resettled in Britain before Christmas, adding “I’m confident they will be well looked after.”

They will be settled in homes across the UK with the help of local councils.

The Home Office told that there has been no indication so far that the British government will waiver in their commitment to grant asylum to 20,000 Syrian refugees until 2020

These families are escaping terror, terror they are not a part of, however other European countries are not as open minded it seems.

Poland’s future minister is refusing to take in any refugees,  after the Paris attack.

He said: “In the wake of the tragic events in Paris, Poland doesn’t see the political possibilities to implement a decision on the relocation of refugees.”


European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker has urged for caution.

He added: “I would invite those in Europe who try to change the migration agenda we have adopted – I would like to remind them to be serious about this and not to give in to these basic reactions that I do not like.”