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Great British Bake Off Winner Announced

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The sixth winner of Britain’s favourite baking competition was crowned last night as the Great British Bake Off crowned Nadiya Hussain as the winner of the competition.

She managed to see off her two fellow competitors Ian Cumming and Tamal Ray in the final round of the contest where each contestant baked a signature bake (iced buns), a technical bake (raspberry millefeuille) and the show stopper – a cake that must have a least three tiers to it.

The British public has long fallen in love with the program, one that sees amateur bakers give it their all over the course of the series, while the loveable judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood oversee proceedings.

This year’s finale reinforced that fact that Brits have fallen back in love with baking again due to one of the BBCs flagship shows, with the episode becoming the most watched program of the entire year.

Average viewer numbers clocked in at around 13.7 million people, with almost 14.5 million tuning in at the shows peak time. England’s very own NadiyaHussain would receive the nod ahead of the other two finales, with the 30 year old Leeds native sealing the victory with her ‘big fat British wedding cake’ which was chosen for her show stopper.


The mum of three had never actually enjoyed her own wedding cake, so took the opportunity to bake one for the finale, using jewels from her own wedding to decorate her finished product.

Her competitors both struggled when baking their iced buns, with Ian forgetting to add sugar when preparing the dough, while Tamal failed in attempts to make a crème patisserie for his own buns, which did not set.

Nadiya opted for a lemon drizzle cake for her show stopper and decorated the stand with traditional sari fabrics. Tamal opted for a stick toffee pudding for his show stopper, whereas Ian baked a five tier carrot cake.

Despite the pressures of competing in such a high profile bake off, Nadiya admitted that it wasn’t too bad.

“Bizarrely, I found the final was one of the least scariest [rounds] and I really enjoyed the experience the most out of all the filming days.

“I felt at that stage that I could do really well or really badly, I had nothing to lose, so I went into the tent and gave it everything I could.

“The showstopper was a celebration cake, and as I never had my own wedding cake I wanted a proper iced wedding cake.”

The winner is perhaps one of the most deserving going on evidence of the earlier rounds of the show – she won an impressive 3 star bakers over the course of the series. Surprisingly enough it was not all plain sailing for her during the competition, having come last in the technical challenge on this season’s first episode

Although winning such a prestigious prize could easily be a life changer, Nadiya plans of going back to her normal life in the meantime, which is understandable considering she is the mother to three children.

“Being a mum to three small children under 10 is pretty time consuming, but I wanted to have my own adventure, which with a very supportive husband and a belief in my own ability, I can now carry on having my adventure,” she said.

“I am really looking forward to see what will happen.”

We are definitely jealous of those kids; imagine some of the amazing creations being baked in Nadiya’s kitchen!



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