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Holiday Sickness: Honeymoon Couple Blame Vomiting Bug for Ruined Marriage

Written by Kirsty

Holiday Sickness Couple’s Vomiting Bug Destroyed Holiday…And Marriage

A couple whose dream honeymoon was destroyed by a nasty vomiting bug has claimed £5000 in compensation, but that “will never compensate” for the damage it has done to their marriage, so they say.

Julie and Lawrence Walsh had hoped that a lavish wedding ceremony and package holiday to Egypt would be “just the ticket” after recent months of a rocky relationship. But it turned out that they ended up becoming the latest victims of holiday sickness, and ended up having to claim holiday compensation for a ruined trip.

After spending thousands of pounds on tying the knot in Brighton, UK, they decided

“We wanted to rediscover ourselves and spend quality time together – but that all went terrible wrong when on the second night we were both racing each other to the bathroom being violently sick. The honeymoon was ruined, and in a way, it put a real dampener on the wedding as well, as it will never really be remembered as a happy time now” said Julie.

The tour operator was held accountable by a holiday claims business which managed to claims them just under £5000 in compensation, but the couple insist that money will never pay for the damage to their relationship.

Lawrence added: “I felt like it was our chance to reconnect and revisit our younger days. The wedding was beautiful. The honeymoon was supposed to sort of be the icing on the cake. There was no icing. They hygiene in the place where we stayed was terrible and I know we were not the only ones to get sick on holiday from visiting this place.”

The Truth Behind Holiday Claims

The number of British holidaymakers who have had their trips ruined by food poisoning has rocketed in the last five years – but so has the number of those able to claim thousands in compensation.

The “holiday from hell” stories we hear on a regular basis usually lead back to a package holiday which was ruined by food poisoning or a similar sickness.

These people are receiving huge cash handouts in compensation

According to the British national press, Spain is one of the worst destinations for holidaymakers getting sick on holiday, with clients coming to companies such as Holiday Claims Expert for advice and help. Generally, for those who have been on a package holiday within the last two and a half years and have become ill through no fault of their own, claims can be anything from £1000 to £10,000.

Hassan Ansari, owner of Holiday Claims Expert, works in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where he says he has seen a number of cases similar to that those mentioned above. He said:

Food poisoning is most certainly one of the most common cases I’ve seen, where holidaymakers put their trust into a package holiday deal and end up having their trip ruined by bad food. The law is still as such that you could be entitled to a large cash payout.



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