How Privilege Car Insurance Ruined My Day – An awful Customer experience

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What you need to know about Privledge car insurance before you buy

Their company message, does not apply

Their company message, does not apply

My car, may not be the best car ever. However, it means a lot to me. Insurance is not cheap.

I recently had an incident, here’s a brief rundown of how incompetent they have been thus far:

1) I have been unable to drive for 6 days. They promised to do this “straight-away” and “within 24 hours” It has been 6 days.

2) They told me I would get a courtesy car on the telephone. They are now saying I do not get one and I have to stay off the road. (I need my car for work/I have a record of them telling me they would get me a car)

3) Upon logging the call originally, I explained to the Privilege staff member due to the circumstances, I was unsure who was at fault, but would send over some info (photographs, diagrams) – so they could make an informed decision. They have put it down as my fault, and have not even acknowledged the email, and have said “they may not even reply”

4) The staff make zero sense. The call centre I have been speaking to is not UK based, and I get the impression their staff deal with multiple companies. If I am wrong, this is a testament to poor staff training.

Further to that, their staff are contradicting themselves, and giving me misinformation.

I was clearly told that somebody would come and inspect my car, assess if it’s worth repairing and go from there.

I called the company today, and they told me Privilege has cancelled the car pick up (which is 6 days late) and instead it is going straight to salvage, where they will assess how much its worth and let me know the value. I did not agree to this, and I do not want it writing off before they even look at the car.

Why are Privilege sending my car to salvage without even looking at it?

The impression I get – they don’t care! They want to save money! Their policy states if your car is unrepairable, they do not provide a courtesy car.

They have not even seen my car, and have declared it a write-off.  It drives fine.

All in all, they have been unclear, and they are trying everything within their power to save as much money as possible, and get the claim out of the way.

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