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Lee Rigby’s son pays tribute to his father as the nation falls silent

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Inspirational scenes spread across the country as the general public, schoolchildren, veterans and military top brass stood side-by-side in silent contemplation, to mark the exact time when allied forces declared an end to war with Germany 97 years ago.

Thousands of Britons joined united as one to celebrate the lives of all those who have dedicated, and lost their lives for our cause.

In Woolwich, Jack Rigby, the son of murdered fusilier Lee Rigby, attended a service with his mother Rebecca, where the congregation remembered 11 heroes who have perished in conflict since September 1945.

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In a moving moment, the little boy paused by the new brass plaque, where his father’s name is engraved, then silently left a handwritten note on a wreath reading, ‘To daddy, me and mummy miss and always love you.’

Jack Rigby