‘Mother’ Dangles child out of window by wrists yelling “Wacko Jacko”

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This is the disgusting moment a woman dangled her child out of a window while yelling “WACKO JACKO”.

It’s difficult at times to comprehend what goes through the minds of some people?

Resembling the scene of Michael Jackson at Hotel Adlon in Berlin in 2002, the woman is picture replicating it, by hanging her baby out of window by the wrists.

She later told police: “I’ve been stupid for dangling the child out of the window – I was having a Michael Jackson moment.”

The incident only came to light after the child’s father saw photos on a mobile phone.

Wacko: A mother dangled her baby over a balcony during a Michael Jackson song
Stupidity: A mother dangled her baby over a balcony during a Michael Jackson song

He said: “I saw what was on the picture and I was mortified, as you can imagine. I was sick, I felt ill.

“My kids are big, they are heavy, and I’m a big bloke, but it would take some strength for me to dangle my child out of a window – my child could have killed. I’m absolutely disgusted.”

The woman, who is in her 20s, admitted exposing the child to danger when she appeared at Hull Magistrates Court, East Yorks., on Thursday.

District Judge Frederick Rutherford said: “It would seem that the cause for this extremely serious action came about as a result of a Michael Jackson song being played in the background, and that she copied his antics by dangling the child out of the window.

“She was shouting ‘Wacko Jacko’ as she was doing it.”

The woman, who admitted unlawfully endangering the life or health of a child under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, claimed the child was not at risk following the incident which took place in Hull.

District Judge Rutherford told the woman’s solicitor Dean Bower: “How your client can say the child would not be in any danger from what I’ve seen in the photographs is beyond belief.”

Mr Bower said: “I do think on behalf of my client I want to stress just how full of shame and remorse she is.

“She knows what she did was plainly wrong and very wrong.”

Mr Bower described the incident as a “moment of madness”.

The woman, from Hull, was given a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

She is also required to undergo a 30-day rehabilitation programme under the supervision of the probation service.

Sentencing the woman, District Judge Rutherford said: “It meets the custody threshold – I don’t think you can argue against that.

“But she has no previous convictions and what has happened in the past and since suggests to me it would be wrong for me to impose custody immediately.

“I shall suspend that sentence.”

“The least sentence I can impose, giving you credit for your guilty plea, is one of 16 weeks, but that sentence in your case will be suspended for 12 months.”



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