New ECOvape E-Liquid Packing Is Pretty Neat

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A new ECOvape product was released recently, which is a fantastic new way to carry your E Liquid around in your wallet.



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With EU regulations possibly coming into place soon with size on bottles of e-liquid being restricted, this could be a great replacement way to carry around your e liquid. The new packaging is as thin as a £1 coin and they actually work out at being less than £1 each. Each packet contains 1.5ml of e-liquid, which is enough to last an entire day (its equivalent to a packet of 20 cigarettes) plus you would normally have a full ecig with you anyway, so you can be sure never to run out as long as you have a daily refill in your wallet. are currently selling these refills for less than £1 each. They are exclusive to pure-eliquids and won’t be this price for long,

  • Easy, convenient & comfortable – fit into your pocket or bag, 3mm thin!
  • Safe and secure – no leaks.
  • Easy-fill any cartridge or cartomizer
  • Hygienic smart way for daily use
  • Each pack contains 1 ampoule of 1.5 ml ECOvape e liquid
  • A week supply – 7 pack contains over 10 mls of our best ECOvape e-liquid (£6.99)

While there check out the 3-1 vapourizer. An E-Cig that can vape e-liquid & Dry Leaf (Tobacco, Herbs, etc)


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