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New Laws To Change The Way We Vape

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As an avid vaper, I feel its important to know what your Vaping. I use e liquid from Pure E liquids, or V2 – reason being, from when I first looked into vaping, they were the only company who actually listed what was actually in their e liquids, see here: They produced batch reports on every single bath of e liquid they produced, and published these online here. They even put the batch number of your e liquid, on your bottle, so you can easily use that on their website to find it.

I now shop at pure-eliquids.com because they offer a 100% VG E Liquid. Normally this would be too thick, but they have somehow made it slightly thinner, so it does not clog your tank. The e liquid in my experience also produces the most vapour of any e liquid I have tried. Sub-Ohming with ECOvape is genuinely the best vaping experience I can recommend.

As a vaper I am glad to hear from May 20th 2016 e cigarettes will be classified as a tobacco related product therefore changing the way you’ll be able to vape. Since vaping has increased in popularity so dramatically in recent times new laws have been put into place to clarify the do’s and don’ts of e cigarettes. As part of these new regulations there will be a limit on the size of refill containers and cartridges permissible, with 10ml being the largest size allowed for refill containers and 2ml for cartridges.

This means that customers will no longer be able to buy large refill containers or cartridges in bulk in an attempt to save money making the process more expensive than it was before. The maximum strength potency currently permitted in e cigarettes is 24mg which will soon drop to 20mg once the new regulations come into place which means the strength of each e cigarette will be weaker than it used to be. In a similar note to cigarette packaging, the packaging of all e cigarettes must be child proof in an attempt to prevent school children from picking up the habit of vaping or smoking.It’s important to make sure that your e cigarettes and suppliers comply with these new regulations to avoid any hassle in the future.

Luckily, Pure-E Liquids is one of the only companies that is not only up to date with these new laws but  sells products that already comply with the new standards. Meaning you won’t have to change a thing!

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