Earn a little extra… and stop nuisance calls!

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Companies call you, you charge them for calling you. Too good to be true?

Can you really make extra money from companies calling you? The answer is 100% yes, best of all, its totally free & legal and everyone should do it! Who doesn’t hate being called at 5:30pm after work by a call centre god knows where, asking if you have checked your PPI yet (Come on guys, please stop calling us about PPI, its old news now)


This is nothing new

In August 2013 one man named Lee Beaumont did this. He set up his own number, then updated all his utilities, used it for anything he would use his regular number for. He has reported to earn a massive £300 in a relatively short time from it. That would require a fair bit of time on the phone though! So we would advise just setting it up, and forgetting about it. You will get all earnings sent straight to your bank every month, and making money automatically when a cold caller decides to try and sell to you can’t be a bad thing  can it?

PMC Telecom are doing something pretty ground breaking. They are offering business rate phone numbers to anybody, for free. Are they doing it to combat cold callers? We’re not sure. But what we do know is that they are still giving them out, get yours now before they start charging

Q. Will this affect my normal phone calls?

A. Absolutely not. Your mobile phone (or landline) you have your new number assigned to will not be affected what so ever. For example a friend calling your mobile on 075xxxxxxxx would still get straight through to you. Its only people that dial your new number that will be charged a premium rate, and you choose who to give that to.

When your mobile rings, it will be clear it is somebody using your 0871 number too.

Q. How is this going to make me money?

A. Every time you answer a call the caller will be charged a small fee, and then they will be charged 10p a minute for staying on the line. 

Q. How Much Can I make?

A. We have had reports of people making on average of around £100/month, but we can’t say for sure. If you literally just use it for your utility companies and anything new you sign up to the earnings are likely not that high, but still its better in your pocket! On the other hand, if you were to use this number in as many places as possible… it could be more

Q. Will it still make me money if somebody dials my 0871 number, and then goes to voicemail? 

A. Yes! They get charged as soon as the call is connected. Plus If you like, you can set up a separate voice mail for your new number if you like. 

Q. Is this really free? really? what’s the catch? Hidden charges? 

A. Yes, it is 100% free. How can they manage to do this? The Telecoms company owns thousands of unused numbers, it costs them nothing to give them away, and they are helping to fight nuisance callers

Q. Any Other benefits?

A. apart from earning money from pesky cold callers, you can actually use this number for premium business features such as auto attendant & extra voice-mail inboxes etc. This is due to the nature of its original intention as a business service.

Q. Where can I get my free number?! 

You can sign up via the contact form on this page here:




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