Outrage Over the App That Lets You Rate People

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Imagine a world where people are rated much like restaurants on Yelp or products sold on Amazon. Rather than having a personal opinion based on how well you know a person, you can quickly give them rating and move one with your day.

Userscan’t do anything about the rating, even if you have done it out of spite or just for a joke. It sounds like a recipe for a lot of hurt and offended people to get their revenge.

No need to imagine, as it’s coming to us soon in the shape of a new app known as Peeple

The app was announced this week, and it thankfully was met with a wave of criticism online. Some people love the idea, as it could be viewed as a harmless bit of fun, a way to wind your friends up with a spot of harmless trolling.

A strong majority of people have called it out for being tasteless, tacky and the perfect environment for a lot of online bullying and ridicule.

Both sides of the argument agree that the app is pretty much a human equivalent of Yelp – where business are given a rating based on how good a service they provide.

Yelp themselves have gone on record to say they share nothing with Peeple, which is an independently developed application. While many may think this is nothing more than a viral story that will fade in obscurity, it’s worth noting that the estimated value of the start-up according to some reports could be as high as $7.6million.

Peeple lets you rate and make comments to other users of the app, allowing for both positive and negative criticism to be left. The idea is that it will be used much like other social media apps, where you get to interact with friend’s family and acquaintances, accept you get to let them know what you really feel about them by leaving a rating.


The creators of the app have claimed that it allows for online praise and constructive criticism, but many are outraged by ignorance of the developers, who seem to forget just how nasty a place the internet can get, especially with a platform actively criticise a person.

Commentators believe that it will be rife with trolling and online bullying, rather than a way to receive compliments and the odd bit of criticism.

Julia Cordrayis one of the co-founders of the app along with her good friend Nicole McCullough, and both are defending the app. As Cordray explains on a message from their website

“Innovators are often put down because people are scared and they don’t understand. We are bold innovators and sending big waves into motion and we will not apologize for that.”

The app will still launch despite the increased outrage, which as only helped gain Peeple more exposure. The developers are still siding with the positive connotations of having such an app, going as far to name it a “positivity app”, going on to state on their website that

“Whether you love us or our concept or not; we still welcome everyone to explore this online village of love and abundance for all,”

Users of the app will be given a rating based on a five star rating system, which is given to them by other users of the app. They have no control over their rating, and each user cannot hide their identities as Facebook accounts are required for logging in.

Users then only need the name and mobile phone number of a person to then make a rating, which could spell for some nasty reviews in the event of fall outs and breakups between people.

Receiving criticism results in a two day hold, which is aimed to allow each user to work on any issues that may be present, after that the rating stays.

Many have called for the app to be dropped as it will create a haven for any cyber bullies, trolls and even stalkers. The effects of these type of people being able to carry out personal attacks on people could end up with tragic consequences, especially in a time where internet bullying has cause so much damage to vulnerable people.

Ironically enough, when the Twitter account of Peeple received a constant barrage of attacks and criticisms for the perceived tastelessness of the app, they proceeded to block users to stop receiving further criticism. Will they have such a safety net on their own app? Only time will tell…

We hope that such an app is met with a little bit of friendly banter between friends. Though if the internet has told us anything, that chances of that happening remain slim.



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