PREGNANT woman and husband caught after romping for 10 minutes on a sofa in a busy shopping centre  

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Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw


A pregnant woman and her husband engaged in a sex act in front of their children in a busy shopping centre. The unemployed pair only received a small fine of £60 plus court fees, is that fair? Have your say.


Akeela Ali 25 and Fahad Bilal were caught on camera while their children, aged three and five, ran around playing nearby.

The couple from Newport South Wales, said; ‘ we thought about stopping’ when their children interrupted, but carried on as, ‘It just happened’.

CCTV footage captured the pair frolicking on a sofa in front of lifts in Westfield centre , Shepherd’s Bush, west London.

They appeared before magistrates in Hammersmith today where they pleaded guilty to outraging public decency after the incident in July.


Prosecutor Arlene De Silva said: “On the 23 July this year Miss Ali was at the Westfield shopping centre along with her husband and also with their two children aged three and five.

“Just after 8pm they were sitting on a sofa in the lift lobby lounge area on the first floor facing three elevators.

“Mrs Ali sat beside her husband and lifted the jacket on his groin.”

“When she was interviewed on 22 October she said she had gone shopping with her children,” the prosecutor added.

“She said she was pregnant and as a result her hormones were everywhere and she felt horny.

“She said they started kissing as their kids were running around playing.

“She lay down on her husband and she said ‘it just happened’.

“When their children interrupted she felt what they were doing was wrong but they carried on.

“She was aware that one of the children was sitting beside Mr Bilal for a portion of the event.

“She said she regretted the incident and was ashamed.”

The court was told that Mr Bilal was also interviewed and claimed that he had been kissing his pregnant wife.

Ms De Silva said: “They hadn’t made a prior decision to do this, it just happened; he said it was a human mistake.

“It was not that busy at the time but he knew it was a public area.

“They thought about stopping when the children interrupted but continued.”

The couple, who represented themselves, were sentenced separately as they took turns to look after their children outside the courtroom.


When the Judge asked Ali what she wanted to say about the incident as she stood in the dock.

Ali replied: “I’m just quite ashamed of what I did, I’m not happy with what happened.

“At the time I didn’t realise what I was doing, I was pregnant.

“We were sitting together, we were tired and it just happened.”



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