Ringleader bringing 70,000 migrants to the UK & EU arrested

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Ringleader of smuggling gang bringing 70,000 migrants to UK & EU arrested in Britain

 Suspect the criminal mastermind behind a €10million ring, bringing in 70,000 Syrians into the UK and Europe


He was causght in a refugee shelter on suspicion of being involved in an international migrant smuggling network.

The NCA (National Crime agency) caught the 26-year-old Palestinian in Sephton Park, Liverpool.

He is believed to be the ringleader of a gang responsible for smuggling up to 100 migrants EVERY DAY since 2013.

A police spokesman said: “Several actions took place simultaneously.

“As a result, the criminal group was dismantled, and a total of 23 suspects were arrested.

“Seven in Austria, 13 in Greece, two in Sweden and one in the United Kingdom.

“The identified smugglers were predominantly of Syrian and Greek origin, but also Palestinian.

“The organised crime group’s alleged leader was arrested by officers from the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) at an address in Liverpool.”

Police allege the gang had been providing the smuggled migrants with housing, forged documents and travel into the UK and EU.


Police said Owda had been living in the UK for a year and was in the process of claiming asylum in the UK.

Jamal Owda

Jamal Owda

Owda, who has not yet been charged, was held on a European Arrest Warrant and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.

The courts are seeking to extradite the suspect back to Greece.

Graham Roberts, NCA spokesman, said: “As a result of joint working with the Greek authorities we have located and arrested a Palestinian man believed to be the head of a crime group responsible for smuggling around 100 Syrian migrants a day from Greece into western Europe.

“The NCA-led UK taskforce targeting people smuggling networks was involved in this operation and will continue to work with agencies in the UK and overseas to pursue, disrupt and prosecute anyone that preys on vulnerable people in order to line their own pockets.”