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SHARE love to Brussel’s – Footage

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

In a world that sickens by the day, another terror attack has this time hit Brussels. Footage below

The confirmed death toll from both attacks now stands at 34.

Maggie de Block, the Belgian health minister, said 14 people died and 81 were injured in the airport explosions.

The Belgian metro authority, STIB-MIVB, and emergency services said 20 people were killed in the Maelbeek metro blast. STIB-MIVB said a further 55 people were injured, including 10 critically.

Our love goes out to the families of those who have lost their lives.


“Imagine saying goodbye to someone you loved this morning, making plans for the weekend, holidays, your future together, only to find out some heartless, absolute fucking idiots have taken their life, and that you will never see that person again! Thinking of everyone in Brussels, also, let this be a lesson to the rest of us, don’t hold grudges you really never know what is around that corner!”