Storm BARNEY, approaching the UK.

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80mph are set to sweep across parts of the UK imminently as a second storm, named Barney, approaches.

Yellow warnings for wind have been issued by the MET office for southern, central and eastern England on Tuesday afternoon and evening along with Wales.

With rain warnings centred on north-west England and Wales.

Damage across the nation has already occurred from flooding, it is wise to set precautions now.

Barney comes in after the wake of Storm Abigail.

Low pressure

The Met Office said gusts could reach 70mph inland and up to 80mph along exposed coastal areas, particularly in Wales and through the Bristol Channel, on Tuesday after unsettled weather moves in from the Atlantic.

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Severe gales are predicted for parts of western Scotland on Wednesday, with possible gusts of 50-60mph.

More flooding and disruption could be caused when heavy rain falls on already saturated ground in the next few days, the Met Office also warned.

The agency’s Craig Woolhouse urged people to remain alert to the risk and “stay away from raging rivers”.

“With so much standing water around, we ask people to stay out of flood water and not attempt to walk or drive through it,” he added.

Widespread damage

Barney is the second storm considered strong enough to be given a name under a new “Name our Storms” campaign between the Met Office and Met Eireann.

Storm Abigail caused widespread damage last week, leaving more than 20,000 homes without power, also forcing many schools to close.

Forecasters say there is due to be a change in the weather at the end of the week, with colder air spreading from the north and bringing wintry showers to northern parts of the UK, particularly over the hills.