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Terror suspects caught in the UK

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Four men have been arrested in the UK as part of a terror recruitment ring attempting to send fighters to Iraq and Syria.

Sourced from Sky News ; European authorities said they have successfully destroyed the Norway-based terror cell after police in Italy issued 17 arrest warrants for Iraqi Kurds across Europe.

Italian police said Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, who was jailed in Norway last month for praising the Charlie Hebdo killings, was the ideological leader of the group.


Norwegian media is reporting that he and two others are suspected of involvement in an alleged terror plot in Italy.

The investigation monitored internet chats with members of the cell who were spread across, Britain, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

It is understood that none of the four men arrested in the UK are British nationals.

The men aged 38, 32, 33 and 52, were held at addresses in Hull, Derby, Birmingham and Sheffield and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Britain’s North East Counter Terrorism Unit said: “We understand that people may be concerned following today’s arrests, however we would like to reassure communities that today’s activity is as a result of an ongoing investigation which is intelligence-led.

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