The Manchester Derby: Predictions


“First half, cagey to say the least. Both attacking forces as convincing as LVG’s toupee. It seems (as predicted) the outcome will rest on the inevitable gamble either manager will have to take in the last twenty minutes. Yellow cards the only talking point to dwell on with Clattenberg a key figure in the events to follow, a second booking from either side could well swing momentum to snatch a win.

Attacking flare on paper consumes the pitch, but commitment and strategy clearly still vacant. As the commentator will state, nothing to choose between red or blue.

I stand firmly with City 2.1, however neither team (surely) will finish with 11 men.

As gripping as a 0.0 derby thriller can be, one goal will be the catalyst for an onslaught of blues.

(In trafficking news, for the next 45 minutes the m1 will be clear)”



Can Man City repeat the 6-1 demolition they produced at Old Trafford a few years ago?

Manchester Derby


There is much at stake as Manchester United host City for the 170th derby match at Old Trafford.

Four years on from City’s dramatic 6-1 slaughter of United, they could again extend their advantage over their neighbours to five points with a win.

Arsenal’s win over Everton on Saturday has knocked City down to second and a draw at Old Trafford would see them ascend to the league’s peak again.  Louis van Gaal ‘s Reds require a bold four-goal win to overtake Arsenal.

However, anything’s possible on Derby Day. Who can forget Michael Owen striking in injury time to hand United bragging rights over ‘noisy neighbours’ City with an unforgettable 4-3 win five years ago.



Our Sports writer Tom Culshaw gives his opinion:


“Derby day, a day of reckoning. Always a tough fixture when visiting Old Trafford despite the joy in recent years. Red and blue plaster the city, families divide, and the home fans set their alarm clocks early for that long trip up north. Form favours both teams with the bookies clearly split. It’s difficult to depict the outcome without being biased, but what I do know is that goals will flurry.

From a young age I was forced into the blue corner, urged to endeavour the commiseration and heartache of past. However like every City fan to bless the earth, I’m now thick skinned with an inspirational optimism on existence. The tables are slowly turning and young talent bless both squads. The difference today, I firmly believe will be the impact of ‘Martial’ and ‘De Bruyne’. Neither defences have had experience firefighting either formidable attack.

Therefore, good luck to both teams (more luck on one side of course). Let it be a game to remember.

Prediction. City 2.1”


We’ll see if you’re right Tom!



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