The Martinez Brother’s – TMB

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Cuttin’ Headz



Chris and Steve Martinez, the pair who make up the awe-inspiring ‘The Martinez Brothers,’ have taken the underworld by storm. The Mix Mag DJ’ of the year have moulded their worldwide triumph on their father’s love of the Paradise Garage.Raised in the Bronx surrounded by originality, their music carries culture and constant force. As defining leaders of the global music scene, the magicians behind the decks hold a residency at DC-10 in Ibiza stemming from 2011, blowing the underground house and techno world apart set after set. In the midst of taking over the globe, they have collaborated with the infamous ‘Seth Troxler’ with a label of cultural heritage ‘Tuskegee’, a vinyl-only label focusing on releasing top-drawer Latin and Afro-American inspired tunes. Now independently the New York house innovators stake their claim on the industry with the label Cuttin’ Headz. Both labels provide a backdrop for the brothers to showcase the art and passion behind the beats.

Cuttin’ Headz, described by the brothers as “dirty, jazzy and eclectic” is a clean slate to showcase the seemingly endless talents and knowledge they possess. The label has licensed creative freedom and an ability to revisit Hip-hop, the genre’ that surrounded the brothers growing up in the Bronx.  The first release on Cuttin’ Headz shaped by the brothers, is a three-tracker with “Tree Town”, “Do That Two (Yes Baby)” and “Ccrack”. Though each track differs, the ownership and innate flavour of the pair consumes each track with an all encompassing nineties vibe. Melodic tones and scattered drops keep the tracks fresh with funky dripping bass and progressive beats built throughout, stamped of course with typical TMB groove.


As a fan, I’ve been lucky enough to see them at Parklife, Ibiza, Sankeys, Creamfields, Milan, Amsterdam and WHP, somewhat of an obsession I suppose. Each set is completely different whilst carrying the uniquely original flare of the brothers. It’s refreshing to see how humble they are behind the decks; you could almost imagine them being stood next to you twisting euphorically with the rest of the crowd. Their willingness to diverse is also inspiring through a collection and collaboration of old-skool funk, jazz and hip hop filled with groove and reminiscent melodies I’m unfortunately too young & ignorant to appreciate. They carry the ability to mould a set around each reveller, no matter the venue. With another funky night ahead at awakenings in Amsterdam April 2nd, just sat here typing this out with ‘Do that two (Yes Baby)’ blaring in the background has slapped a cheeky grin across my face.