The New iPhone 6S Plus Is Here!

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During the annual launch event held in San Francisco on September 9, Apple proudly unveiled the new smartphone series. The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are almost here, and though they both deserve a closer look, we will focus our attention on the better of the two – iPhone 6S Plus.

Design Novelties

Despite being very similar to its predecessors, the design of iPhone 6S Plus does have a couple of new features. The most notable would be that it comes with a completely new color; besides Gold, Silver and Space Grey, you can have your iPhone in the color of Rose Gold. The new iPhone 6S Plus can also boast with the quality of its build, since Apple claims that it is made of the same quality aluminum as the Apple Watch. This is clearly done in order to prevent the ’Bendgate’ problems some owners of last year’s Apple product were so frustrated about.

3D Touch Technology

The 5.5 inch screen size is fairly standard for a big phone these days, so no upgrade was needed there. Where the upgrade was indeed needed, and definitely looked forward to, is the touch screen technology. Namely, iPhone 6S Plus features a new 3D Touch, a feature previously used on Apple Watch. Now, not only can you simply touch or swipe the screen, but also the pressure with which you apply the touch makes a difference.



The Hardware

Whereas the looks of the new iPhone, as we’ve seen, may not be all too different from what was expected, the real change comes with the insides of it. The iPhone 6S Plus is packed with a new A9 processor under the hood. A9 is a huge leap forward in terms of speed, since Apple claims that, depending on the task, it is some 70-90 percent faster than last year’s A8 processor. This means faster camera shooting, better gaming performance, and a more enjoyable iPhone experience overall.

The Camera

Apple has been refusing to add more pixels to the cameras on their iPhones for years, stubbornly sticking to 8Mp cameras all the while claiming that more megapixels does not necessarily mean a better shot. It all changes now, because the new iPhone 6S Plus comes with a 12Mp iSight rear camera capable of shooting some rather high quality photos and capturing video in 4K resolution. At the front, the new iPhone features a decent 5Mp camera. As for the camera software, Apple has a few new tricks to offer, one of the most interesting being Live Photos. It provides you with the ability to capture a few moments before and after you’ve pressed the shutter button, making a photo that lasts for a few seconds. It is definitely worth a try!

iOS Version

The system version of the new iPhone 6S Plus will be the new iOS 9. Among other improvements, it comes with improved Siri experience, now allowing the activation of Siri at any time. The Touch ID feature has also been significantly improved by doubling up the speed at which the sensor responds. September 12 is almost upon us, and with it the possibility to pre-order the new iPhone 6S Plus. With the main features of the upcoming iPhone covered, the verdict on whether the novelties that it comes with fulfill the expectations is yet to come; for now, just enjoy the anticipation.



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