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The offended generation need to take several seats.

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Josh Rose
Written by Josh Rose

As I write this I’m well aware of the keyboard warriors awaiting some content they disagree with so they can cry racist, sexist and misogynist all over Twitter.

Times are changing in the Western World. Being gay is nothing out of the ordinary. Transgender rights and awareness are constantly circulating social media feeds. Feminism and equality for the sexes is often debated by the masses; represented by heavyweights such as Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie. All of the above is something that Generation Y should applaud themselves for.

Recent years will go down in history for the strides we’ve made for equality and rights for everyone, no matter their gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The rise of social media has undoubtedly dominated the change that we see. However, there is a huge downside to the ‘rights for all’ movement.  No one is allowed to speak out anymore. If anyone dares to disagree they will be shunned and outcast from society.

You have to be offended.  It’s almost law. But they don’t seem to realise that they are damaging their cause more than anyone.

A joke about Caitlyn Jenner is now automatically transphobic.  An investigation into the crimes of an Asian sex gang was swept under the rug for fear of being labelled racist. Armed with their pitchforks, the Internet is outraged at the lack of diversity from the Oscar nominations instead of perhaps for a moment considering the fact that an Oscar is awarded for talent and not skin colour. Does there now have to be a politically correct quota to fill? Surely handing out Oscars to black actors just to seem diverse completely eliminates any prestige in getting the award. To play the race card is completely demeaning to black, Hispanic and Asian actors.

The writers of Sherlock were criticised for ‘mansplaining’ feminism (feminism being explained through the eyes of a man). Sam Smith was criticised for ‘whitesplaining’ racism. (you get the idea).

Instead of shaming those who ‘mansplain’ wouldn’t it be more helpful to the cause to accept the voice and opinion of anyone who believes in equality for the sexes?

I don’t see a reason why anyone wouldn’t label themselves a feminist; it seems logical for both men and women to have the same rights. But as a man I can’t speak about feminism unless my content is approved by the neo-feminists who have hijacked the cause and used it as a method to blast anyone who has a different opinion to them be it regarding feminism or not.

Mainsplaining Feminism

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Generation Y – the millennials – in their attempt to create peace around the world have, perhaps indirectly, created a world of PC madness ostracising anyone who doesn’t fit into it – thus contradicting the entire foundation of their ethos.

Controversial and unlikable as they may be we need people like Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump as the antidote to our self-made cocoon of political correctness. You may not agree with their opinions but you need to allow them the platform of expression. Shutting them down and denying freedom of speech makes you the dictator you strive to eradicate.

My advice to the offended generation is to accept that there are those with different views to yours. And that’s ok. As pioneers of human rights you must acknowledge everyone’s right to voice their opinion.

The provision of human rights is bigger than any one person. To be offended by some comment on Twitter is to distract yourself from what really matters.  As the world faces its toughest enemies to date who wish to cause nothing but death and destruction it’s time for generations Y and above to come together and create a world worth living in.