The unbelievable impact of a service Dog

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Russia has offered to send France a puppy to replace Diesel, the dog who died during an anti-terrorism raid in Paris.


We often forget the impact of Dogs in times or war and duty. Diesel, the dog who died in a raid in Paris has been in the news recently to be remembered. Jean-Michel Fauvergue said Diesel ‘probably saved the lives of policemen who were about to enter’.

In a bid of solidarity, Russia have offered a police dog puppy to replace the fallen canine.

The complex training techniques that the animals undertake are designed to utilize the dogs’ natural gifts for focus and aggression to their advantage.

German Shepherds and Labradors can detect weapons, bombs, gases and drugs more accurately than any available military equipment.

Here are just a few pictures that capture the impact of dogs on the field.







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