The ‘Unelectable’: Can Corbyn Win the General Elections?

Written by admin

In Britain, the traditional divide between left and right has just reshaped itself, as Jeremy Bernard Corbyn got elected to the UK Labour Party’ leadership by securing an overwhelming victory of nearly 60% of the vote. But even a victory of that magnitude is being shadowed by vocal calling into question of Corbyn’s chances of ever becoming prime minister. Is he really, as his political opponents put it, that ‘unelectable’?

The Bearded Socialist

Corbyn’s beard is not the only unconventionality that makes him unique in the world of politics. The new Labour leader, often described as an extreme leftist, has never shied away from calling himself a socialist. Not going any further into Corbyn’s views, that word alone may be enough to disregard the possibility of him ever moving to Downing Street. But, if one goes further than that one word, one might be surprised at the common popularity of Corbyn’s agendas. Nationalising the railways, for instance, is an immensely popular policy advocated by him.

Inflated Reactions

All this talk of Corbyn’s unelectability as prime minister do not adjust well with some of the rhetoric used by his political opponents. Namely, when the results of the vote were announced and Corbyn’s victory confirmed, the plurality of voices rushed to put a verdict on a new Labour leader. David Cameroon’s words that following Corbyn’ election, the Labour Party presents ‘a threat to our national security’, or the video recently released by Tories that tried to demonise Corbyn by claiming his friendship with some ‘known terrorists’, might actually suggest that the Conservatives and the Tories are genuinely unsettled by the results of the Labour vote.

Editorial Credit: Padmayogini / Shutterstock.com

Editorial Credit: Padmayogini / Shutterstock.com

Unconventional Views

Often labelled to be a hard-core leftist, Corbyn’s view found themselves under constant bashing by his opponents. Some of these views are, to put it mildly, rather unconventional. For instance, he is a vocal advocator for the abolition of the British Monarchy, though his republican tendencies will not prevent him from kneeling and kissing the Queen’s hand as a way of accepting the position in the Privy Council. Besides republicanism, his take on British foreign policy can’t be more different than that of the Conservatives. Corbyn is known for his stance that Britain should leave NATO, while his attitude toward the EU membership is still unclear. We’ll know more about it in the post-referendum times.

What Are the Odds?

It’s not at all a coincidence that there are talks of Corbyn’s low chances of winning the general elections; his chances are indeed not that high. But before anyone disregards that such chances exist, they ought to remember that three months earlier, the odds for him winning the Labour Party leadership race were, according to bookmakers, 200 to 1! If he could turn those kinds of odds around, we should know better than dismissing Jeremy Corbyn not only at general elections, but any elections he partakes.

The Power of Persuasion

To win the general elections, a candidate must possess extraordinary persuasion skills. As astounding a victory as it was, the voting results do not guarantee that Corbyn has what it takes to convert the minds of those who don’t support him; he certainly did not show such tendencies during his Saturday victory speech.

What are your thoughts? Can Corbyn, given the unsettling waters of British politics, win the general elections?




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