Tyson Fury – ‘Gypsy King’ apparently.

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With Tyson Fury and Wladamir Klichko’s upcoming fight just around the corner. It’s important to look at what sorts of men are facing each other inside the ring. So what a better way of looking into the psyche of an individual than dipping into their twitter feeds. From what is gatherable from WK’s twitter feed it can safely be assumed that he is a successful, professional and intelligent fighter who uses his brain and his Braun to navigate the ring and social media.

And from what we can gather from Tyson Fury’s twitter feed is that…he’s Tyson fury.

Never in the history of UK boxing have we had a fighter so openly outrageous, so openly religious, so openly teaming with testosterone. There is actual video evidence of him splitting a watermelon in half with his own face. He’s free, he’s open and he’s himself. He’s the fighter that this country has been waiting for. So lets take a peek into the mad, bad and bizarre world of Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury.


He openly offers fights out in local areas because he “feel like a rumble”


He regularly re-tweets religious accounts and in his bio states that “I follow jesus”
Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but to see it come from the 6 foot 9 inches Heavyweight boxer who only recently called Derek Chisora a “Pure Shitbag.”

There’s a notable recent tweet of his giving a “shout out to all the women who didn’t get that man!!” as he is filmed dancing to “Young Hearts Run Free” by Candi Stanton in a car.

He also rocks a chinchilla coat surprisingly well.

He openly mocks fellow boxers calling them (In David Price’s case anyway) a “shithouse scouse prick.”

Some would argue that this is all a ruse, a defense mechanism to psyche his opponents out. That if a real heavyweight title defender was to fight Tyson he’d choose his words more carefully…wrong!

He regularly posts on periscope whether it be him “becoming a barber” or singing karaoke in a camper van whilst eating his tea.

So as you can see, Tyson Fury is not only the Self-proclaimed “Gypsy King” he is also the King of Twitter too.

Thomas Parslew