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Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

CRAZY stupid LOVE.

I’m a firm believer in the notion of love, and the inspiration of the whole facade. It is intriguing though, how a simple bottle of Jack Daniel’s can trick you into believing the questionably large lady, with a tiger tattoo on her forearm outside Wetherspoons is ‘the one’. This begs the question, is Love established on a deeper more meaningful level, or is it just a question of two people looking for the same thing at the same time. The fairytale dream of ‘the one’ has tainted society’s outlook on the natural functions of human activity. Men and woman are not designed to live together; it is only social convention that has built up this mirage of normality. Look at Penguins for example; they spend their lives apart from each other and meet once a year in late March. An arrangement that would suit most married couples I know. 

Due to return with a fifth series is my favourite TV programme, channel 4’s the ‘un-dateable’s’. The innocence and simplicty of how ‘love’ is perceived is inspirational. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get wed in leggings, and limit the ambition of a relationship to a ‘trip to Eastbourne’. Executive prodcuer Kathleen Larkin added ; “We are delighted to be making the fifth series of The Undateables and we are extremely proud of the show. It provides an honest portrayal of love and dating through the experiences of those living with a disability and has challenged misconceptions”.

Refreshingly it all makes sense, If I like you, and you like me, then let’s have it. Almost an innocent take on a swinger’s theory, but one we should all take on board.



Below is a short love poem, accompanied by a typical Englishman’s translation.

There is peace in my soul (she’s out with her mates)
For such a long awaited time (I hope she’s not back soon)
There is love in my life (I can enjoy Match of the day)
A love of melody and rhyme. (Without that raving loon)

Once you took hold of my hear (Beer goggles firmly on)
I knew no other could have reached (I thought you was a stunner)
as whispered fate took my hand (then you told me you was pregnant)
to levels only you could reach. (I tried to do a runner)

You in my life (stuck forever it now seems)
Will live eternally (while spending all my money)
I knew the first night we met (I should of kept on walking)
you were meant for me. (This really isn’t funny)



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