War on England’s roads: Have you been Roadshamed?

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As we’ve seen from upstanding citizens like Ronnie Pickering, England’s roads are a dangerous place to be whether you’re a cyclist, motorcycle rider, or motorist. Road rage is a fact of life, especially with so many bad drivers out there but there are better ways to channel it than getting aggressive or harming another human.

Enter, a website that allows you to channel your anger on the road into a force for good. It’s a dedicated site for dashcam videos and photos of driving offences. Of course, no one is asking you to film some idiot cutting you up on a roundabout as you drive because that’s illegal but if you have a dashcam or willing passenger, name and shame those bad drivers!

Getting roadshamed in this way is a great way to deter bad drivers. These offenders will see more than just their vehicle on the site, their number plate will be collected too. This means that anyone can search for their details to see if they’ve been caught out. Try it now at

The idea is that this will make drivers take a long hard look at their behaviour on the roads, as well as to deter anyone from aggressive driving lest they be outed on the site.

Cyclists so often seem to be involved in these videos and that, in part, is down to the fact that it’s usually these road users who are uploading footage from their time spent on Britain’s roads. Many motorists seem to have an inherent hate for anyone on a bike and while neither group of people is without fault, car drivers don’t seem to understand that a cyclist is very vulnerable. Just a light tap from a car could end in serious injury or death and yet, in so many circles, cyclists are seen as the bad guys.

Improper lane discipline is also very widespread and while it’s not as dangerous as cutting up a cyclist or driving into oncoming traffic, it’s one thing that really enrages drivers. The only thing that annoys me more than being cut up or someone not knowing where they’re going is people not indicating (especially in car parks).

While the entertainment factor is high with these videos and we all want to see bad drivers outed on the internet, there’s a big road safety aspect to this too. In watching these videos I think we’re becoming more aware of how we act on the roads as it’s so easy to see what the common offences are and therefore avoid them.

Once upon a time you might’ve considered a cheeky overtake in a residential area but we’re all well aware now that it rarely works out.

In many cases these incidents could be cured with a little patience and while that should be a given, it’s only in watching many, many, many of these videos that I’ve realised how impatient motorists are – even the ones who’d consider themselves safe drivers.

The moral of this story is to slow down, take your time and not to get stressed behind the wheel because this is what leads to aggressive driving and bad decisions.

It’s also worth noting that the motorists with these dashcams are not without fault, in our haste to shame people and to call out bad drivers we forget to be courteous and this leads to plenty of horn honking and swearing.

I’d love to know what really bugs you on the roads but I’m curious whether you think dashcam videos are just inciting more road rage or helping to educate and promote road safety.

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Jess Shanahan is a motoring journalist and the editor of Turn Eight. While her love for cars is ever enduring and primal in nature, she has recently taken to the road as a cyclist.






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