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WW3 beckons, but from where?

Tom Culshaw
Written by Tom Culshaw

Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s young and unpredictable leader again ‘pokes’ the world with a potentially devastating stick.
Every World leader must now take note of the risk and threat from an already hostile North Korea.  Recent events around the globe have only distracted the very real threat that publicly sits in the form of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s young and unpredictable leader.



North Korea’s state TV has announced that a hydrogen bomb was successfully tested in the Asian country.

The news came after monitors detected a tremor of magnitude 5.1 near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

North Korea has pushed the button on its fourth underground nuclear test, claiming to have detonated a hydrogen bomb in the northeast of the country.

It’s a device more powerful than any the country has tested before and the move threatens to undermine an already fragile security situation in the region.

Atomic bombs use nuclear fission, which splits a bigger atom into two smaller ones, to create their energy. Hydrogen bombs use fusion, which is done by fusing two or more atoms into a bigger one.

Because of the way that they are made, hydrogen bombs are usually much more powerful than their atomic counterparts.

That is why worry surrounds North Korea’s announcement, as this is the first time that it has tested a hydrogen one.

North Korea did its first known nuclear test in 2006 and has done two more since.



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